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What’s your game?

Each 10-week program, or season, will focus on a different sport. The sport will generally be off-season in order to provide in-season athletes an opportunity to play in a pressure free environment. We believe that cross training is absolutely crucial to both the physical and mental development of a player. Athletes will have a chance to participate in a sport in a safe environment with other like minded peers, while simultaneously creating energy to execute something greater than any one individual on the team - projects to truly impact the community.

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Individual commitment to a group effort- that is what makes a team work, a civilization work, a company work, a society work.

Vince Lombardi

Frequently asked questions

Do I need any equipment?

We will provide a list of items needed for each particular program once registered. Aside from maybe a single piece of equipment (i.e. soccer ball), all we require is your determination to make an impact.

Can I participate in multiple seasons throughout the year?

Yes, you can participate in as many seasons as you want and we encourage you to bring your teammates and friends.

Who is eligible to participate?

Each program will have an age range. Intramural, club, high school athletes, etc. are all welcome. You do not have to play the respective sport, but just need passion to play and help. We do not focus on skill development, so each season is ideal for players with experience.

How many slots are open for each season?


Is transportation provided?

No. Athletes will generally be responsible for traveling to the volunteer location. Based on the distance, we may decide that traveling as a team is more efficient. We will discuss a season-long plan before and throughout the season.

What kind of volunteer projects will we do?

Projects will vary from season to season. We are constantly looking for nonprofits and individuals or families in the local community, greater Philadelphia area, and even nationally that could use our support. The project's template will be in place and we will strategize together on the best way to achieve the overall goal.

How long is each weekly session?

90 minutes.

How long is the season?

10 weeks.

How many off-site volunteer opportunities are there? When are they?

This will vary from season to season. As a rule of thumb, athletes should expect 3-5 volunteer opportunities that will most often take place on the weekend.