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We’re Ambitious.

Ambition: (noun) a strong desire to do or to achieve something; typically requiring determination and hard work.

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The Ambition Project is disrupting the youth sports industry by giving young athletes the opportunity to play for fun while impacting children in need. We will shift the focus from specialization and pressure to charity, play, and fun.

// Our Values


Our core values represent the driving forces that move The Ambition Project forward.



Together we work to achieve an outcome greater than ourselves.


We recognize the needs and feelings of others in a judgement-free environment.


We are participating because we are dedicated to making an impact on others.


We foster the energy to step outside our comfort zone.

Great ambition is the passion of a great character.

- Napoleon Bonaparte

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// OUR story

Sport brings the world together.

Youth sports is an $18b/year industry in the United States. More and more pressure is put on athletes, starting at a young age, to specialize and develop into scholarship collegiate players and even more. Thousands and thousands of dollars are spent by families on coaching, travel teams, trips, club tournaments, equipment, and more. Are we losing sight of what’s really important and losing the opportunity to capitalize on the energy of participating in sports? The Ambition Project aims to bring this back into focus. Let’s give athletes a chance to fall in love with a sport, play for fun, and use it for charity.

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If we’ve learned anything over the past couple of years, it’s that we are all dependent on each other. Rather than being bystanders, The Ambition Project empowers young athletes to get involved in something greater than themselves. We hope that by participating in this program, we not only benefit the recipients of our service, but help our athletes find their passions and develop into lifelong leaders that serve. At its core, we want to help others and have fun doing it.

Patrick Rogers is the Founder of The Ambition Project. A graduate of The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina, he was able to see the importance of working together to achieve a common mission. Patrick always had a vision of combining sports with helping people, and his MBA from The Haub School of Business helped him build the knowledge and foundation to do so. He has been teaching and coaching throughout his career and believes there is nothing more prevailing than the human connection found in sport.