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program overview


You’ve felt the power of being on the field, court, or locker room and trying to achieve a common goal with your teammates. You know what it means to work for something greater than yourself. You’re ready to do more, and have fun doing it.

The Ambition Project harnesses this power and feeling into charity and volunteer work. We build teams of high school athletes that come together to play sports, exercise, and volunteer over the course of the program. We use the energy of human connection through sport to help make a difference in the community.

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High school athletes who want to serve others and the community. Regardless of whether you play intramural, club, or for your high school team, all you need to bring is your passion to make an impact.


how you’ll grow

This is your chance to be part of something different; to use your athleticism in a meaningful way. Participants will meet new people, engage in a wide array of experiences, improve fitness, play sports in a judgement free environment, and learn about and help others in need.

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who we are

This is a 10 week program that brings a team of high school athletes together to workout and play a pick up style sport. We will then use the energy from our team and sport to create and execute service projects that are meaningful to the surrounding community. Each “season” will focus on a different sport and civic need.

how it works

The Ambition Project is designed for student athletes who want to play for good and for fun.

+ Our program is built on an athlete-centered approach

With guidelines from the coach, it is the athletes that will be developing and executing the service project. They will also help determine the workout for the day and how we want to play the sport for the day.

+ As the seasons change, so do our sports and service projects

Each 10-week program, or season, will focus on one sport and one service project. The sport will generally be off-season so that in-season athletes can enjoy the benefits of playing something else. Not only is it a break from the pressure, but a chance to cross-train.

+ Our impact is felt by a growing network of charities

We are constantly looking for local, regional, and global charities that we can help. Please feel free to contact us if you have an idea to help a community or individual in need.

+ Together we build values that go beyond the field

Participating in The Ambition Project means doing something greater than yourself. By engaging in new experiences and meeting new people, we will strive to build high school athletes into leaders that serve first.

+ We work to understand the issues in our community

We keep our ears to the ground; to identify projects that will make a lasting impact for individuals in our community, whether that is locally, regionally, or even globally.

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what makes us different

The Ambition Project's goal is to build teams through sport that are passionate about helping the community. While we believe in healthy competition, we are not focused on skill development and specialization. There is so much pressure on high school athletes today, and we want to make The Ambition Project an outlet for athletes to play and truly enjoy the game and the benefits of sport. Think of this as an opportunity to work out, play a pick up style sport, and volunteer.


the end result

Through these various experiences, we strive to create a safe environment where you feel comfortable to identify your passions, develop as a leader, and learn to serve. Doggedness and hard work is contagious. At the end of the program, not only do we hope to see you back again, but we anticipate others will follow and learn from your example.